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I'm Afraid Our Fault and My request

I'm Afraid Our Fault and My request

I'm afraid

The number of the hierarchy is increasing all the time around, corruption continues to grow at the unimaginable rate, the demand for fair payers is being voiced. Yes, they are, in front of me. We all have the feeling of trade in front of us, and there we never ever have a buyer again the seller and the audience. We were born in the light of the cloak, and the creation of it is a new national problem. Our homelessness, inferiority, fidelity are shaping up in a community backward in evolution. I'm afraid, yes, I'm afraid. No natural disasters, people made up of problems Because these intelligent creatures can create a planned problem or a horrible disaster. In spite of having a rich language culture, we have been competing against others for blind imitation. I see a rude, sick society and ethnic group growing up a little bit in front of my eyes. Yes, knowingly or consciously, we are getting bigger by getting them to earn unjust benefits and harm us. We talk about equality, but never say justice. In any case, we came down in the role of judges, we made the wrong laws themselves, and sometimes the punishment was also progressed. These are the reasons for my fear.

In today's competition, animals are losing people too, because, in the case of human beings, we are not able to become 100% human beings in human society, in many cases, livestock is being abandoned and human being. I am afraid of social disaster makers, their syndicate, their officers, and employees. The religion (I called it opiate opium) fields are being made in the district by the government and foreign funding. To make power lasting, the regents often try to keep the subordinates inebriate, that is now seen in my country. Because if the ideas of the rulers are overwhelming to obscenity, power will last long. In the same way, a religious system based communalization of the education system, which is able to mentally cripple a generation. All of the teachers' freedom fighters are being assaulted on the street or at the workplace, some case they were being suicided. The civilization is falling in the footsteps of knowledge every day, the limitations of knowledge, the power of power. Thousands of millions of dollars are being stolen here in the eyes of the eyes which are very irrelevant to the authorities. Most deployment jobs do not end at a specific time, in contrast, more budget increases in geometric rates. The development is going on in the name of a terrible looting. All of these are my fears, every time I am attacked with new fear, chasing a fear is another fear.

Here, the secularism has been eradicated, declaring non-communalism, in the near future, non-communalism will also be eradicated in a democratic way. Today, sculptures and statues mix together in the country, which is the result of social and mental poverty, today's bumper yield is also here. A deep conspiracy to transform the Aegean Green Bangladesh into a desert. And in the fire of this conspiracy, the progressive people's silence is working like petrol. On the other hand, the cultural activities of the people are provoked by the distorted mentality of the people. Looking at the mountains of this country, it seems that in another country it is a different land, and the law is different for it so that they are not the people of this country. Settlers Bangalis today are the idols of Pakistanis. There is the only peace agreement, but its implementation is not done. Recruitment of any government official or employee in the country is not done without a bribe because the bribe has been made valid as 'speed money' here. Today, doing all kinds of immoral acts here, with legitimacy, irregularities become routine day by day. Yes, today all opposition opinion is being suppressed by a law like blasphemy which is also available in Pakistan. For the sake of writing or publication here in the state, people are being hacked to death day after day for the sake of religion. Sometimes a case is being filed against them for the sake of alleged religious beliefs, some bloggers and online activist are being taken away from the country. In such a scary environment, the common people are afraid of it, and I am really scared.

In the country, the minority communities are being tortured, compared to the past, loss of resources and emigration. Humanity is bound here today in the chain of religion, the Bengali Muslims are today turning into Muslim Bengalis day by day. Most political shops talk about the same thing, they think they are members of the same society. In many cases political halls of political shops appeared in the army, occupied by the state power, by issuing the military rule. Moreover, extra-judicial killings are being organized continuously by the government forces here every year. The power is influencing the court, money power is crouching near justice People are making ointments of the people in the mirror of the nation, they're published false news and giving them fine today. Here, opposition to independence has become narrative and came to be talked about in mainstream media. And most political leaders, who publicly declare unequivocal statements in the media, are at the level of hypocrisy. The woman is believed to be a third-class domestic animal. Although the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the Parliament or the Leader of the Opposition all the women Again, they are hereby certifying the sub-minority certificate for the minor, to reduce the rate of child marriage by reducing marriage age. Women are mostly kept in limitation here.There is no escape from the rape of the five years old from the age of seventy-five years old, it is here that Morality is occupying the place of morality. Again, the victims of torture are not able to seek justice or get the opportunity to commit suicide. In front of the eyes, bad teams are constantly getting heavier here, the changing of society is changing the country's appearance. I'm scared, I'm afraid of all this, yes I'm afraid about my future.

Our fault

Well, why are so many people abusing us so much around us? Because we did not initially defend it or take any initiative to remedy it, but why? Why did not we come to make unity to prevent the price rise or bribe trade? Why do not we ever protest against the imposition of one's faith in another? Why are our different types of thinning feeling constantly injured? Why are we so proud of everything? Why are we hugging the fullima under the subtlety, under the microscope? As a Bengali, we do not want to know or accept our roots like our culture and habits? Why are we trying to imitate the blind today to remain in our own language, culture, and habit? Why are we still talking about women in men, hilly Bengalis, Hindu Muslims or white black color? Is that still missing? The state wants to equal its default by all its citizens, the state benefits are equal to everyone, is not it? So we can not even guarantee equal rights in society? And how far is justice? Why do we still try to dispute an incident like a rape in exchange for money or with a rapist? Why do we still beat or murder a man for theft? Why are they? What is happening around us is a fault?

Why are the dogs of the animals left to save the children of the dogs in the dustbin today? Are we going to be relatively inhuman? Why is the country's mass transit crisis today? Why is it still necessary to create a religious institution in a naturally fragile country, rather than a disaster shelter? Why is the competition of presenting the politics of religion in the present day? Why are the political parties today being deprived of their own ideas to make power lasting? Why are these people leaking question papers and crossing the shortcut to the passed in the examination? Why are the progressive writers being edited by the bourgeoisie's textbook? Why are the children of orphaned children being confused with communal bias? Why is there a freedom fighter in the independent Bangladesh today being assaulted or has to commit suicide? Does muscle power have no value to civilization or contribution to the country today? Are not Raghav Boalas involved in the stock market or banking sector scam? Why do public commercial (alleged) services continue to suffer loss every day? Why is the biggest scam of the biggest scam today? Are these events happening in our time, is not it our fault?

Why are we suffering genocide massacre or Vandalism in Noakhali, Ramu, Nasirnagar, Gobindaganj or Longdu? Why still it's happening in this independent country? I mean, we still could not leave the two nation theory of Pakistan? Why, then, in the seventeenth century, a religion-based country was divided into two categories, by saying that it was called secularism? Why was the death of three million people, lost in the honor of the lives of three thousand mothers & sisters in 1971 war? Again, why we, after the independence of the mountainous indigenous people to become Bengali? Why are we still rehabilitating the people of the plain unmanned mountains? Why are the buildings and resorts being built illegally in the hills by approval of the government? Why is the long procession of the dead in the hill? The natural disasters like this mountain collapse are not created by people? Why is the hill everywhere, why is the dissenting of dissent everywhere today? Why is the public being murdered publicly for writing instead of logic instead of logic? Again, the murderers refer to the context of the scripture, and why are the reasons for legitimacy all around? Why bribery illegal business today? Why is the majority of the people of this country seeking halal food before earning money from halal way? This is not the fault of our ancestors?

Why is the Hindu population in Bangladesh now less than 7 percent due to the exodus from 13.5 percent? Why is trying to present humanity with a religious twist today? Why 25 times in an independent country do the military couches to occupy state power? Why do the government forces kill innocent people here every year? Why are the political influencers today controlling mainstream media? Why sometimes are the people of extremist people being brought to talk table? Why often politicians hypocritically for people's sake? Why are women trying to reduce the age of marriage today? And whether it is a special group of people in this country? There are different types of discrimination against women in the workplace? Why are women being denied the most harassment today? Is there no role of family education for this discrimination with women? Do the government forces think that the common people of this country are not contributing to government income? Why are the law enforcement agencies being discriminated against by the people's money today? Why are they refusing to give them security because of the perceived sentiment of the majority? What are our ignorance, unawareness, and humiliation are not responsible for these? Is there no liability for us to practice a little bit of a situation?

My request

You abused me, I also abused you, there is no difference between the two people here. So the best way is to stop everyone from being abusing, to argue with the opposition. If wrongly repentant should be forgiven and should be prosecuted, then it should be tried by conventional law, and if the law is fragile, then it should be changed first. For misinterpretation or irresponsibility, a printed magazine, online portal or any person will be punished according to the law, but in some way, it does not stop or prevent its voice. We have to stop doing the same thing as the section 57 from our constitution, yes it is the application of the reactionary response to our frustrating feelings. It is not possible to conceal the problem by pretending to understand the problem or not, so follow the steps without covering the problems. I do not object to accepting foreign culture but it does not accept or reject it. It should be noted that no citizen or state forces join forces with crimes like murder. We have to resist and boycott our just and reasonable way, the national satirists who are hiding in intellectual or sub-intellectual circles. The tendency of taking legal action in the name of rural or local arbitrator should be stopped. It is not very difficult to stop the abuse of the law, we need only to respect our respect for law and self-consciousness.

Everyone must come forward to forget the religion of the people in danger, that is, the natural instinct of human beings. Should be organized to prevent the anti-social or anti-state groups and their boycott must be universally Before creating a religious place in a geographically weak country, a disaster-related asylum center, adequate relief funds and healthcare needs needed. So we have to stop the use of religion in politics, we must release politics in the religion. The country's mass education will be one-way, which is real and science-based, to prevent all types of fake and question papers leaked. Teachers will have to give teachers their due respect, good remuneration, and suitable environment. Ensure that all types of state opportunities are available to a freedom fighter. Strictly prevent state money theft, robbery or embezzlement. For the development of society, the elected representatives will be elected as the representatives of the honest and intelligent, so that they can recognize responsibility in all areas. All this is possible, it requires a nice mentality.

Religion does not belong to the state or society, but religion is not a state or society for religion. Besides, the state is not a person or a person, so he can not have any moral right religion. When a particular religion is declared as a state religion, the other religious people living in that nation become second-class citizens, which is discrimination. Today, the non-communalism that is being declared in place of secularism is an abstract idea which can't be directed properly. Therefore, it is important for us to return to our seventy-two constitution to remove discrimination from the citizens of the state, it is necessary to rebuild the three main pillars of the constitution. In this case, the progressive people will have to come first, and the government can prepare the field. People involved in cultural work are more likely to be more familiar in the field than any other person, so they have to participate in these public awareness activities. Now let's withdraw the army from the hilly areas and make the indigenous life possible. Should be stopped now Settlers should adopt unplanned rehabilitation activities as well as various projects for the improvement of the standard of indigenous living. Now if all types of bribery in the government recruitment process cannot be stopped, then all structures will be filled with corrupt Saturn, so now the bribery trade should be pulled. For the freedom of expression of expression, 57 sections will be abolished and if they do not, then it will become one of the tools to suppress the opponents. Taking up the law by killing or harming human beings cannot be supported in any way and it must be repressed in a strict hand. The law enforcing agencies must also refrain from giving such speeches to the terrorists and every citizen of the country will have to give normal death guarantee. No request or advice is available to the reader.

The history of ethnic torture on the minority like Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or Indigenous people is very long in this land, so it needs to be eliminated. For this, the first step will be to abandon the two-dimensional theory of majority and also to be motivated by their Bengali nationalism. The 23 registered big political parties agree on this torture, they can be stopped if they take their voice and take action. Yes, if we can not refrain from taking control of the state power by amending the constitution right now, the difference between Pakistan and us will soon disappear (because Pakistan is like a failed state). To stop the culture of justice, law enforcement must ensure accountability of law enforcement agencies and take immediate necessary measures to eradicate policy. If all sections of the court were free and always kept free from political influence, the way to get justice was smooth, lawyers should think about it. I think the distortion or untrue incident should be prevented from spreading media coverage. They should always avoid refraining from secularism and anti-liberation warriors' oil making or representing their heroes. If political leaders do not stop giving publicly untrue and discriminatory lectures, their workers or supporters will keep this continuation. Reducing the age of girls' marriage is the main obstacle to their physical mental sufficiency. I believe that the first step should be taken from the family to establish the right rights of women. Family awareness and quick exemplary punishment can reduce the number of rape, such as before marriage or rape after marriage. Right now, the class of divisions of the law and order should be discarded and should be given to people in the public interest and to seek justice. Yes, readers are all my requests and to implement these, first of all, need an opinion platform. that's my request to make a better society.

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