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Dear loved ones

Dear loved ones

Have you ever found me in your secret or pursuit?

Know that today my sky is rainy, silent night fly by the birds of the mind.

The world of mumuars is constantly buried in Maya, slavery or vengeance.

Yet, in a seemingly unknowingly, dream of an unknown life lost in ignorance.

How excited! Last survival to survive hay! Or the limitless limit of helplessness?

Do you keep your marks on the surface of this earth of turmoil or the life's worth of life?

To save human beings, the last seed of the buried civilization, or the last wish of nature!

I just wanted to be your loved one or not. Dear loved ones, or loved ones, you need to know.

Never think it's just fill the empty space.

So let's keep your hands, lips or hugs on the lips, and the invisible lenders will be lighted for love.

Push in the boat of lust, hold on, be on the other side of the sea.

Come to nectar and become God's peer Let's win death, create a new chapter.

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